Without question, losing your hard-earned Bitcoin to a scammer can be pretty painful, right? However, life happens, and you can find yourself in such a situation.

Therefore, what can you do to get back what is rightfully yours? In this article, we explore how to get Bitcoin back from scammers. how to get my bitcoin back from scammer

Let’s dig right in!

Contact your Bitcoin platform

As a rule of thumb, reaching out to your trading platform regarding your lost Bitcoin should be the first thing to come to your mind.

Doing so can crank up some action from your platform’s side increasing your chances of recovering your losses. For instance, your trading platform can quickly identify where your assets went; therefore, necessitate the most appropriate actions.

Hire a recovery expert

Another way of how to get Bitcoin back from scammers is to seek the assistance of recovery professionals.  These individuals are equipped with the necessary tools and skills that can help you recover your missing assets.

In this case, you can contact the following crypto hunters to reclaim your missing Bitcoins:

  1. The Decoder
  2. The Hypnotist
  3. The Data Whisperer
  4. The Crimestopper
  5. Anticryptofraud

Start a dispute

Several bitcoin platforms such as Paxful allow you to raise a dispute in case of a wrong transaction.  In return, the dispute system provides the best possible intervention.

You can use the following simple steps to start a dispute process on the platform:

  1. Head to the platform’s trade section and click on the dispute button
  2. On the dispute dialog box provided, choose a dispute reason and clearly explain what occurred in the provided text box
  3. Click on the start dispute button and wait for a chat from a moderator

Report your loss to the relevant Blockchain regulatory authority

Bitcoin governing bodies can also come in handy upon losing your assets to a scammer. An example of such is the BrokerComplaintAlert organization.

You can recover your stolen cryptocurrency or Bitcoin using the platform by:

  1. Visiting the organization’s website


The organization’s crypto forensic experts and financial analysts will start the recovery procedure upon submitting your form.

Of noteworthy is that the organization only deals with scam cases involving more than $50,000.

Request a chargeback

Asking for a chargeback is another method you can try to recover your Bitcoin as a result of investment scams. You can communicate with your wallet provider to initiate the chargeback procedure.

Alternatively, you can use a blockchain cryptocurrency agent such as www.Efundsrecovery.com  to recover your goods.

Here are the simple steps you can follow

  1. Send a notification message to the agent regarding the story behind the fraud case to be dealt with using a blockchain chargeback
  2. The agent would then correctly guide you on what to do. However, you’ll require the following information at this stage:
  3. A timestamp that showcases the date of transaction and time
  4. Amount sent Bitcoin value and dollars
  5. Recipient Cryptocurrency address
  6. Sender’s cryptocurrency address

You’ll receive a bitcoin recovery from blockchain if the process is successful. Efundsrecovery would then take over the process from there.

Final thoughts

As you can see, how to get bitcoin back from scammers can’t be that daunting if done correctly. You can try out any of the methods above or a combination of them to recover your lost Bitcoins.

Here at Anticrytofraud, we can help you recover 100 percent of your cryptocurrency assets. The only thing you have to do is to provide us some essential information. For instance, the hashes used on the call off transaction before your funds were stolen. Reach us today and we shall be more than happy to help. 

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